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Welcome to Canute Class

We are Reception, Year 1 and Year 2 and in the mornings we are joined by our nursery aged children.

Our teachers are Mrs Trout and Mrs Burns

And our Teaching Assistants are  Mrs Payne & Mrs Dean



In the first half of the spring term our topic was ‘Dragons’ and for our trip we went to TESCO to find out about

Chinese New Year. 



When we arrived we met Claire-Louise who took us to the ‘Staff Only’ area behind a special door.  We were very excited to be allowed in this secret part of the store!  Our first task was to make a dragon hat.  We decorated hats like those the bakers wear in the bakery and wore them the whole time.




Afterwards we went to the bakery where Claire-Louise helped us make bread dough using the mixing machines Curly and Whirly!






We used our dough to make bread monkeys as we found out that this year is the Chinese year of the monkey.








We listened very carefully when Claire-Louise showed us how to be safe near the ovens where our bread monkeys would be cooked.