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Please see below information on any forthcoming trips


Monday June 13th 2016

Currently some of Tregeagle Class (Years 5 & 6) are away on a Residential Trip in London with some Year 5 and 6 Children from Pelynt School accompanied by Mrs Sanson, Mr Smith and Ms Porter.

Please find below details of their daily diary and photographs:


13.49pm Monday 13th June 2016

Hi everyone at Polruan and Pelynt.

Just a very quick email before we head for Madame Tussauds in five minutes time!!

We all met at about 7.45am at Liskeard station all eager to get on our way to London.

We have just arrived at our hotel that overlooks Wembley stadium after a smooth journey up to London- we are just waiting to be shown to our rooms!

Everyone had a good journey up on the train passing the time by chatting, writing diaries and eating our packed lunches   before 10am!!

It was tiring work crossing London with our suitcases. After arriving at Paddington station we took a tube to Baker Street and then another tube on the Metropolitan Line out to Wembley.

As we arrived at the station we could see Wembley Stadium which was just 100 metres from the station.

We are now in our rooms and getting a few things together to head back into London to Madam Tussauds and a wonder around Covent Garden after dinner.

Will email again later on this evening if we have time or tomorrow.

Have a good first day of the week back in Cornwall.


Mr Smith, Mrs Sanson, Miss Porter and all the children


21.35pm  Monday 13th June 2016

Hi everyone at Polruan and Pelynt,

Just a quick email to fill you in on how the afternoon went before we get an early night after a very long day.

We have had a super first afternoon and evening in London.

After settling in at the hotel we went straight to Madame Tussaud’s which is on Baker Street (home of the famous detective, Sherlock Holmes). We saw statues of all sorts of different people such as the royal family, famous pop and rock stars, famous sportsmen and important British historical figures such as Winston Churchill and Shakespeare. We finished the tour with a visit to a 4D cinema.

There are two photos from the museum attached. Sorry, my photo taking was awful today and most of the photos were blurred- I will hopefully have more luck tomorrow and send more of all the pupils through to you all.

We then took a long walk from Madam Tussaud’s along Harley Street, past Russell Square and stopped briefly at the British Museum then onto Covent Garden. We finished our walk near Charring Cross where we all ate lots in Pizza Hut- we were starving after such a long day.

We are now all back at the hotel having a bit of quiet time before lights out at 10pm.

Good night,

Mr. Smith, Mrs Sanson, Miss Porter and the Polruan and Pelynt pupils.

ps. Thanks Tregeagle class for the list of questions to find the answers to at the Houses of Parliament- we will do our best!! Maybe you can find out about some of the places we saw this afternoon and passed on our walk through London. We would love to know where your top ten sites of London you came up with are so that we can compare them with what we have seen so far- we might be able to see some of your recommendations too!


20.21pm Tuesday 14th June 2016

 Hello everyone at Polruan and Pelynt,

We had such a tiring day yesterday that when we knocked on all the pupils doors at 7am this morning for their wake up call they were all still sound asleep- only two pupils heard our 'wake up knock’!!

After a massive breakfast, we made our way across London to Westminster where we headed for Burdett-Coutts school (which was 5 minutes from the Houses of Parliament and Westminster Abbey). We had exchanged letters with 11 year six pupils over the last few weeks so it was exciting to meet up with those pupils who we had written to. It was a completely different school from ours. It was a very multicultural school with pupils whose families had backgrounds from all over the world while the school was surrounded by buildings- from their rooftop PE area (the school had 4 floors) you could see Big Ben and the Houses of Parliament. We had a tour of the school and then exchanged pictures of our schools and discussed the difference in small groups. Although we were only there for an hour and a half we got a really good feel from the school as all of the pupils and teachers were very welcoming- we were sad to say farewell to our pen-pals but are hoping to Skype them soon from our schools.

We then moved onto the House of Parliament. The security was very strict and it was a bit like being at an airport. We went on a tour of Parliament and actually went into the House of Lords and watched the MPs debating in the House of Commons where they were debating hooliganism at Euro 2016. We found out all about how the democratic process works and how laws are made and also how the House of Lords and House of Commons works (We also found out all the answers to Mr Monks and Tregeagle’s questions!). We also had a workshop about how laws are made and at the end of this workshop we were lucky enough to receive a visit from our MP, Sheryl Murray who told us about what it is like to be an MP.

There have been lots of heavy showers which we have managed to duck and while having lunch there was a huge continental style downpour. After lunch we went on a boat trip down the Thames where we spotted The London Eye, The Shard, The Gherkin, London Bridge and the Tower of London. At the Tower of London we also did a spot of shopping and spent some of our pocket money.

We made our way back to Wembley for dinner and a bit of time to relax at the hotel.

Everyone is having a fantastic time and it has been great to see the Polruan and Pelynt pupils all getting to know each other and become good friends with each other.

Hope you enjoy the pictures below!

Tomorrow we are off to the Science Museum and the National History Museum.



21.04pm Wednesday 15th June 2016

Good evening everyone,

It has been a museum day today!

We made our way over to South Kensington where three of London’s most popular and interesting museums are based: The Science Museum, The Natural History Museum and The Victoria & Albert Museum.

We visited the Science Museum first thing this morning spending time looking at the history of clocks and watches; the use of energy in the world (we found out about different resources that are used to supply us with energy); and ‘Who am I?’ (there were all sorts of interactive resources which made us think about genes and how the brain works and what makes each of us unique). The two hours in the museum flew by and we could have spent twice as long in there but we needed time for a little shopping in the museum shop which was full of interesting things.

After lunch, we made our way to the Natural History Museum where we spent most of our time in the dinosaur exhibition- the pupils spent ages looking at the full size moving replica of a T-Rex!

Four hours wandering around museums was enough for both the pupils and the teachers so we took a long walk through Hyde Park and gave the pupils a chance to have some free time to play…and an ice cream!!

On returning to the hotel, Wembley was transformed from a quiet tube station to one heaving with people- there was a Coldplay concert on this evening which we can hear from just outside the hotel! The pupils though are all in their rooms for some quiet time before bed as they are all absolutely shattered!!

We have had another super day- all of the pupils have been great and have been praised everywhere we have been for their behaviour and how they have conducted themselves.

Tomorrow we will get the chance to walk around Wembley stadium before going to Paddington station for the long journey home.

We are all looking forward to seeing our family and everyone back at our respective schools.

Interactive learning about different types of energy

Relaxing on the tube with a free newspaper!

More hands on learning in the Science museum

The T-Rex we were all fascinated by!

A game where we pretended to be a Minister for Energy and decide which energy source to use in our country

A replica Japanese shop in which we felt what it was like to be in  an earthquake

Late afternoon ice-creams!

Wembley stadium


09.02am Thursday 16th June 2016

Morning everyone.

In my last email, I am going to leave you with what the pupils learned on the trip and their thoughts about the trip:

“There are green and red chairs in the Houses of Parliament. The red chairs were for the Lords and the green chairs were for the MPs. I learned that I prefer Cornwall because it is less big.” Alfie

“I enjoyed Madam Tusaud’s but London overall is interesting. I learned that London is very, very busy.” Molly

“I really enjoyed being in London. I’ve learned that living in Cornwall is 100% different to living in London. I’ve also learned never to go on the Tube in rush hour, especially if you hate being in small spaces.” Jasmine

“I love being in London because there are lots of interesting things to do. It was very different and interesting being in a city with so many different people.” Brooke

“I enjoyed Madam Tusaud’s and seeing all the wax models. I also enjoyed seeing the London Eye- it turns really slowly. I learned that there are so many tall and big buildings there are in London.” Charlotte

“The big city is different to Cornwall. My favourite part was seeing the wax figures at Madame Tusaud’s.” Jowan

“There’s a lot more people than in Lanreath! I have liked the trip- it was amazing. The hostel was good and the food was nice.” Kieran

“I loved being up in London. One of my favourite parts was Madame Tusaud’s and seeing the wax models- I liked the one of the Queen. I learned how to be in a city.” Rosie

“I thought it was good because I learned a lot of things including how laws are made in the Houses of Parliament.” Harlee

“Being in London, I have experienced lots of exciting things like Madame Tussaud’s, The Science Museum, Natural History Museum, the boat trip, Houses of Parliament and Burdett-Coutts school. My favourite was Madame Tussaud’s because the models look realistic.” Katie

“Although London was a very busy place it is so amazing and wonderful!” Jess

I think their quotes sum up the trip really well.

It has been a pleasure bringing this group of Polruan and Pelynt pupils away. They have created new friendships and experienced all sorts of new things together. We hope it is a trip they never forget!!

And now for a quick tour of Wembley stadium and the long journey home!!

Mr. Smith, Mrs Sanson, Miss Porter and the pupils of Pelynt and Polruan.