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Nursery Provision

Sadly Polruan Pre-School closed at the end of the summer term 2012 but we are delighted to now be able to offer 'Early Years' education at Polruan School.

Mrs Hoskin (Executive Headteacher) and Mrs Trout (KS1 Teacher) visited other schools that currently offered pre-school aged provision in mixed age classes and found that it was becoming increasingly common for younger children to join school aged children in schools; especially in rural areas, they both gained a lot of useful information from their visits.

So after obtaining special permission from the local authority from September 2012 Polruan School was in a position to offer 15 hours 'Early Years' education to children who have their 4th Birthday during the following academic year (currently between September 1st 2013 and 31st August 2014); thus enabling us to admit children into school a year earlier than we used to).  It was acknowledged that this was not as early as the pre-school used to admit children but we felt we had to carefully balance the needs of all the children who attend our school. 

A copy of our Application form can be found at the bottom of this page.

All parents of 'eligible' children need to state their days of attendance in advance of each term.  For example parents may not wish their child to attend school for 5 days a week they may prefer 3 days; this can be accommodated but will need to be in advance of each term.  There will be no costs involved for families for this provision if you choose to use your child's 15 hours 'Early Years' funding with us.  You can split your funding between two providers but you have to choose with setting is your 'main' one from a funding point of view.  If you plan to use your funding with another provider and also plan to send your child to attend our school; there will be a charge per session to attend.  Further details are available on request.

Since September 2012 the Early Years children have settled in so well in Canute Class, they have such enthusiasm for everything they set their minds to do and they do not impede on the older children's learning at all.  We have a spare classroom and this gives us the opportunity to work with our children in more flexible groups throughout the day.