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Pupil Premium at Polruan School

Purpose of Pupil Premium

The government believes that the pupil premium, which is additional to main school funding, is the best way to address the current underlying inequalities between children eligible for free school meals (FSM) and their peers by ensuring that funding to tackle disadvantage reaches the pupils who need it most.

The pupil premium was introduced in April 2011 and is allocated to schools to work with pupils who have been registered for free school meals at any point in the last six years (known as ‘Ever 6 FSM’).

Schools also receive funding for children who have been looked after continuously for more than six months, and children of service personnel.


Overview of Polruan Pupil Premium Expenditure 2015-16 


2015-16 £10,000 budget




Additional Spend on enhancing Reading/writing resources instead buying more of Read Write Inc across Years 2-6, as proved successful last year. As a result, PPPupils reading and writing in key year groups are better than non PPP.






AfA access was not charged, therefore this money went toward renewing licenses for trained Thrive staff- £500 from PPP budget towards £1500 thrive training. Increased staff training for screening pupils given and devising action plans, reviewed by SENCO




Some pupils were part-funded to attend the London Trip.




Group tuition with teacher provided strong KS2 results and good progress across upper KS2.




IT resources, including Nessy; secured good progress for many pupils; particularly SEN. Next steps- teacher is modelling to other schools use of ICT and SEN resources with impact.




Morning club- over 40% PPP attended morning club. Money helped to fund member of staff.




Staff training and release time improved approach to pupils and parents. Parents more willing to come and talk and discuss any questions. Parental engagement improved. Need to improve further with parental knowledge and understanding of learning.




 PPP Budget 2016-17




7 Pupils:




7 x £1300 = £9100




£500 Continue with Nessy and IT resources based on pupils engagement




£4500 group tuition with teacher based on impact. 8 PPP including ever 6, will be effected directly.




£2000 support writing. Workshops and enhancement in MAT projects- additional adults as needed and transport




 £3000 Parent workshops providing speakers/release time for staff. Develop understanding of expected outcomes.






£1000 to continue with morning club, providing a good start for pupils.




Polruan School Pupil Premium Budget 2015-16

 £14,300 total


£900- Ed Psyc- 50% of PPP.


£500- AfA access-continue to provide good quality resources to parents with parent consulations- all PPP


 £4,030- Group tuition with a teacher. Mainly with Years 5 and 6. Planned sessions in liaison with class teacher provided in depth unpicking of misunderstandings and provided strategies for tackling specific questions.


£140- buy ‘Nessy’ programme for laptops- ‘dyslexia friendly resource’ to be used by 50% of Pupil Premium pupils.


 £490- Contribution towards ‘morning club’ to top up costs so that it is affordable for all.


£1,000- Read, Write, Inc resources to support teaching of spellings and grammar- all PPP


 £3,000- Staff training for Building Learning Powers, Growth Mindsets and Core subjects, including release time cover- all PPP.


£2,450- Interventions to run across the school targeting social and emotional aspects of pupil’s learning in addition to key basic skills- 75% PPP


 £2,150- ICT provision-ipads bought and apps with training for specific use with PPP.



The school’s pupil premium allocation in respect of the academic year 2014-15

As a school we were allocated £13,000 worth of funding for the year 2014-15

How did we intend the allocation will be spent in 2014-15?

We have budgeted to spend the money in the following ways:

£3600 to sign up for the National Achievement for all programme. Continuing from last year, developing our ‘structured conversation’ approach across the school, raising aspirations for all families.

£450 to maintain our Thrive training programme, rolling out more training across the school to ensure a staff understand the principles and are able to put them into practice.

£3040 to provide quality 1-1 tuition for those pupils who are not making good enough progress.

£5600 to provide TA interventions, teaching to fill gaps of knowledge and consolidate key skills.

£440 to provide an educational Psychologist service

£5114 has gone into a ‘Pupil premium’ cost centre to enable us to purchase an additional teacher hours for 1 hour a day to support with the teaching of mathematics in key stage 2.


This is how we used the Polruan School Pupil Premium Budget 2014-15

 Total- £13,000


£3,600- AfA- provided a focus for vulnerable disadvantaged pupils-many PPP-see list. Provided ‘structured conversations and more detailed tracking and provision reviews for those pupils’. Gaining the award in July 2015, demonstrated our impact on these pupils’ learning.


£450- Thrive training updates for existing Thrive practitioners. This refreshed their training and ensured that we could continue to use the Thrive license.


£500- Thrive training for another member of staff. This was for a key teacher, who ran Forest Schools (based on at least 50% PPP). Impacted with her ability to guide the pupils with their emotional development and supporting other teachers by planning alongside them to provide a holistic approach to learning.


£3,040- Group tuition with a teacher. Mainly with Years 5 and 6. Planned sessions in liaison with class teacher provided in depth unpicking of misunderstandings and provided strategies for tackling specific questions. After SATs, working to help pupils achieve the end of year expectations in the key skills, focusing on the basics, also working with them in their new end of year expectations in July to aid transition fears.


£5,600- TA interventions run across the year groups. This provided training for a specific reading programme, working with lower KS2 pupils. Listening to readers on a daily basis, using key strategies. Small group work sessions, focusing on key skills ie phonics, number bonds, key multiplication skills, basic grammar etc. The daily or 2 x weekly sessions evidenced clear improvements over time as evidenced in class action plans.


£440-Ed psych- saw several Pupil Premium Pupils and worked with staff and parents to improve provision as necessary, impacting on pupil progress.


In KS2, the majority of Pupil Premium Pupils made good progress in all subjects. For those pupils who had been at the school for some time, with no specific extra need, their progress was above the rest of the cohort.

In KS1, very good progress was made and generally, the gap in progress and attainment is closing.


 For information this is how the academic year’s allocation was spent in 2013-14?

In 2013-2014 Polruan School was allocated £7500. We used £1800 to sign up to Achievement for All which demonstrated good progress for our pupils. We spent £4500 of the money on Teaching assistant hours to provide targeted intervention for children. We also spent £1200 on Thrive training for staff.

What was the impact of this expenditure on the educational attainment of those pupils at Polruan School?

The majority of the children who were eligible for pupil premium funding made average to good or outstanding progress in reading, writing and maths. For example across the school, the Average Points Score Gain for Pupil Premium pupils in reading was 5.00, higher than others. In writing, it was 4.86 inline with the rest of the school and in maths, it was 4.2 which was higher than the others.

Thrive is now embedded as an approach to assess and plan for the needs of pupils with social and emotional difficulties.